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The Andrei Mureşanu "Deşteaptã-te Române!" Foundation has been established 10 April 1993 with a seat in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and an office in Bucharest, Romania.

Highlights of the foundation in early days:

U.S.A. and N.A.T.O.

The Foundation supported the relationship with the US and the joining of Romania in NATO by inviting to Bucharest:

  • His Excellency, Mr. James Baker, US Secretary of State-1994
  • His Excellency, Mr. George Bush, President of USA- 1995


Several other projects:

  • Founding the Romanian Language Chair at the University of California, Los Angeles
  • A rework in Washington of Romanian Embassy buildings
  • Invited "Radio Children's Choir" for Christmas concert at the white House and at the World Bank-1994

Olympic Games

The Foundation supported also Romanian sport:

  • Has been the sole sponsor of the Romanian Olympic Committee claiming participation of Romanian athletes in 1994 at Winter Olympic Games at Lillehammer, Norway and Atlanta in 1996.
  • Organized the celebration of the Romanian Olympic Committee at Bucharest, by inviting Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch President of the International Olympic Committee in 1995


Foundation was the Organizer of "Romanian Open Tennis" between 1991-1995 and of tournament propelled on the 5th place in the world as "Tournament on clay" and of "Masters Tournament" Romania, reserved for first eight ATP tennis players in Romania

Other events

Foundation supported Romanian national events:

  • Organizing of the National Day of Romania in 1st December 1994 and 1995 in Washington and Paris
  • Celebration of the National Anthem of Romania in 2013 and 2015

Other events

Foundation built the Church in Campia Turzii and 4th Army Chapel in Cluj and rebuilt the Church of St. Andrei in Bucharest. For that the President and Founder, Andrei Sever Muresan, received the highest distinction of the Orthodox Church, Cross Transilvania.

New perspectives of the foundation:

  • To improve the quality of life of the inhabitants in local Romanian communities
  • To develop social and humanitarian projects
  • To create sustainability, & use of ecological construction materials
  • To create and use new forms of energy
  • To create a permanent transfer of knowledge
  • To improve the quality of education levels and health care
  • To improve the infrastructure and safety on the roads
  • To improve the economy and creating new jobs
  • To improve the quality of sports facilities

The Foundation signed in 2016 a Partnership Agreement with the UNGSII Foundation. The UNGSII Foundation has been established based on the initiative of the United Nations with the aim to implement the UN SDG 25+5 Cities program.

The Andrei Mureşanu "Deşteaptã-te Române!" Foundation and the UNGSII Foundation decided to develop a new SDG New Technologies Center in Romania to present these technologies to the world. New Technologies are: various new forms of renewable energy, energy storage, waste-recycling installations, production of clean water, desalination installations, re-forestation programs, food production in closed, protected and clean environments and various new health products which can cure types of cancer, skin diseases, hospital viruses and typical African diseases.

The Andrei Mureşanu "Deşteaptã-te Române!" Foundation will be responsible for the implementation of these programs, as the overall operator for the New Technologies and the UNGSII Foundation has a mentoring and financial supervising role

All the new technology products are patented and never produced before.

  • All products are 100% environmental friendly and complete recyclable.
  • The products will have a major impact on the present economical production system.
  • UNGSII Foundation will support, control and protect these new developments with the UN as back-up.

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